Carolina Select Fine Wines, LLC was established in 2014 to offer a Statewide Distribution option for Wineries and Importers wishing to access the North Carolina Market.


  • To provide an integrated full service wholesale wine and distribution platform for the State of North Carolina.
  • To provide complete On and Off Premise Sales and Distribution including all chain grocery, independent retail, and restaurants throughout the State.
  • To provide our supplier partners with a central point of contact for product set-up, ordering, pricing, reporting and sales support.
  • To provide our customers with professional and knowledgeable sales personnel who can insure unsurpassed levels of support.
  • To provide our supplier partners with highly experienced management personnel thereby optimizing our ability to develop and implement channel specific programming for each product.



  • Mark Craig – CEO R.H. Barringer Distributing Co. and American Premium Beverage
  • Lewis T. Nunnelee – CEO Coastal Beverage Inc.
  • Frank Sinkwich – CEO Skyland Distributing Co.
  • Paul Powell - Member-Manager


  • Pat Greenwood: Product Set-Up, Pricing and Programming
  • Bill Shaw: Ordering and Inventory Management
  • Betsy Menegakis: Finance and Reporting
  • Brittainy Moss: Payables
  • Brittany Martin: Receivables


  • American Premium Beverage:
    David Pascale – Off Premise
    Chuck King – On Premise
  • Coastal Beverage:
    Eric Dixon – Wine Sales Manager
  • Skyland Distributing:
    Brian Eddington – General Manager
    Tyler Morgan – Wine Sales Director
    Scott Killette – CSFW Brand Manager
  • Chain Management:
    Anthony Mansfield
    Brian Eddington
  • Each Partner has fully dedicated Wine Sales Teams.