5241 National Center Drive, Colfax, NC 27235
P: 336-852-2500 | F: 336-662-9852

Mark Craig

President & CEO

Jim Tasios

Key Account & Development

Chuck King

Director of On-Premise Sales

Doug Sheppard

Area Manager

Francie Parro

On-Premise Manager

Ben Pardue

I.T. Manager

Angel Reinholz

Pricing & Promotions Manager

Brittany Martin

Accounts Receivable/Payable

Bill Shaw

Inventory Coordinator

Jeremy Breeding

Receiving / First Shift Supervisor

Paul Powell

Vice President & General Manager

David Pascale

Director of Retail Sales

Jimmie Toompas

Director of Retail Chains

Chris Braswell

Area Manager


On-Premise Manager

Betsy Menegakis

Office Manager

Kimberly Raso-Elkes

Pricing & Promotions Assistant

Brittainy Moss

Accounts Receivable/Payable

Debbie Southard

Reception / Customer Service

Juan Gonzalez

First Shift Supervisor

Chris Ely


Bob Ogden

Director of Operations

Julia Hunt

Director of Fine Wines

Anthony Mansfield

Assistant Chain Manager

Randy Beck

Area Manager

Jason Hutchinson

Warehouse Manager

Pat Greenwood

Pricing & Promotions Consultant

Candace Small

Pricing & Promotions Assistant

Tina Reagan

Pricing & Promotion/Office Assistant

Adam Roach

Graphics Department

Javen Ferguson

Delivery Supervisor


Jimmy Banta

Scott Johnson

Levi Hill

Tim Nelson

Craig Lindsay

Matt Brown

Nicole Nelson

Stephen Klinger

Jason Brendle

Scott Lea

Jenny DeJarlais

Shawn Cofer

Mitchell Mansfield

Keith Choplin

Brian Robinson


Pete Denning

Jennifer Brandenburg

Brian Reynolds

Cameron Howard

Ben Weber

Katherine Haseltine